Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Luis Piedrahita's monologue on bad translations

Instructions of Action Yess

The video is In Spanish, but interesting to watch for learners of a foreign language, as well as witty and funny.

The king of small things

Luis Piedrahita (born in 1977 in A Coruña) is a Spanish stand-up comedian , magician, script writer, broadcaster and author.

He became widely known as scriptwriter in three seasons of the Spanish TV programme El Club de la Comedia (The Comedy Club). Nowadays he occasionally collaborates in the Spanish TV programme El Hormiguero.

He has published 3 books: A peanut floating in a swimming pool (2005), How often should you throw pyjamas to the wash? (2006) and God created the world in seven days ... and you can see it (2007).

In 2008, he directed the film Fermat's room, a psychological thriller, in which 4 mathematicians who do not know each other are invited by a mysterious host on the pretext of resolving a great enigma. The room in which they find themselves turns out to be a shrinking room that will crush them if they do not discover in time what connects them all and why someone might wish to murder them.

To find out more about Luis Piedrahita you can visit his blog El ojo boquiabierto at

Thanks to Cristina for the tip.

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