Sunday, March 1, 2009

Word of the week 2 - 8 March 2009 VOIP (SKYPE)

VoIP is an acronym of Voice over Internet Protocol, and is now used as a verb which is synonymous with the idea of ‘making a telephone call over the Internet’, e.g. Do you want to try voiping me? Voip him at 416-907-9848.

A number of VoIP operators currently exist, but the best known and most widely used is Skype™ – so much so that the company name has also morphed into a noun Skyp(e)ing and a verb Skype or skype, e.g. I Skyped you this morning. He regularly skypes me when he's travelling on business.

The huge advantage of VoIP is that it can be very cheap relative to conventional or mobile telephone services, and sometimes even free. It also enables users to travel anywhere in the world and, providing they have access to the Internet, still make and receive calls regardless of their location.

What Language do I speak when I say VoIP?

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