Friday, May 8, 2009

Trolleybuses and double deckers in A Coruña

"The Q1's in Spain", a documentary by The London Trolleybus Preservation Society.
The first plans for the installation of a trolleybus system in this Galician city date from 1940, but the first trolleybuses, eight Hispano-Suizos, weren’t ordered before 1944, and the final opening of the first line, Pl. Pontevedra – Juán Flórez – Monelos, took place on July 26th 1948. The Hispano-Suizos were followed by several other series of trolleybuses: Vetras, Pegasos and finally second hand Q1s from London. Some of the latter were ‘beheaded’ for different reasons, mostly to avoid crashing in to protruding balconies in the narrow streets of old La Coruña. Expansion of the system continued into the 1960s: Ciudad Escolar - San Pedro de Visma, San Amaro - Avenida de Hércules. Around 1970 the system went into a gradual decline. The last line, route 2, closed down on January 4th 1979.

Thanks, Marcos. These images are priceless!

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