Monday, November 23, 2009

Engrish, Spanglish and Franglais

engrish funny locker room
Must be Scotland.

engrish funny to sing in the lounge
Para picar en el salón.

To sting in the lounge
Potatoes in sauce
Hot sauce, garlic-oil sauce, with goat’s cheese sauce
Iberian ham on toast with spread
Hom croquettes
Squids fried in batter
Pan of broken eggs and potatoes chistorra
Pan of broken eggs and potatoes and iberian ham

engrish funny overall ham
Paedophiles and prawns on drugs?


Jork and cheese
Ham and tomato


Loin little plates
Lean of pig with tomato
Veal in country sauce
Octopus to the Galician
You inhabit chid’s overall with ham
Stirred of asparaguses
Potatos tortilla
Bolognan-meat ravioli
Prawns to the pill pill

Iberian ham

engrish funny breakfast dishwasher
This soup could use more soap.

engrish funny modernized gene
Genetic engineering.

Thanks to Isabel for the link!

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