Thursday, January 26, 2012

There's nothing like Australia

    “There is nothing like it, is it ?!!”.
    “No…” [Somewhere at east coast beach on sun rise. Early morning surfing with a mate, watching a couple of dolphin playing while waiting for the wave]
    “There is nothing like the sunrise, the first wave of the day” [Playing piano on the beach]
    “The trip along the coastline” [In a plane]
    “It’s right across the bay” [Ferry at Sydney Harbour]
    “There’s nothing like this ancient place” [Aborigine Elder on the rock]
    “Sunset on a camel” [Northern Territory]
    “This organism” [Great Barrier Reef]
    “This billabong” [Aborigine kids]
    “Or this duck-billed mammal” [A ranger holding platypus]
    “Ta ra ra ra” [Train trip with boyfriend across the bush]
    “Ta ra ra ra” [BBQ on the beach with mates]
    “Ta ra ra ra ra ra ra ra” [Rowing in Brisbane(?) River]
    “There is nothing like the people here” [Outdoor tenor singing in a winery]
    “or here” [Gold coast beach lifeguard]
    “or here” [At fresh water river inside a tropical rain forest]
    “or there” [In front of Melbourne Central Station, basking on the street]
    “My mates up here” [A boy sitting on a branch of tree with couple of Kookaburra bird]
    “My friends down there” [On a reef with Colourful fish]
    “There is nothing like this bear” - “That’s not a bear” [A Girl Holding Koala, with ranger behind]
    “There is nothing like this giant shrubs” [In a national park]
    “This rock” [Uluru]
    (muffled) “This Fish” [Diving near a whale shark]
    “These birds” [With Australian Budgies]
    “There is nothing like this furry thing that bounce around in herds” [Driving in a prairie with Kangaroos]
    “There is Nothing Like, Australia” [At the Twelve Apostle, Victoria]
    “There is Nothing Like, Australia” [Girls night out with train]
    “There is Nothing Like This wondrous land” [On the top of the valley to the desert with 4WD]
    “From Darwin to Bass Strait” [2 girls in a car]
    “There is nothing like the people here” [People at rock pool]
    “Where everyone is mate” [Drinking in a Pub]
    “There is Nothing Like Australia” [Bridge Climb at Sydney Harbour Bridge]
    “There is Nothing Like Australia” [Concert at outside of Sydney Opera House]
    “There is Nothing Like Australia” [Firework starts]
    “There is Nothing Like Australia” [Firework continue]

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