Sunday, February 26, 2012

2012 Oscar Nominations: Winners and Losers

Hey guys and thanks for tuning back into Clevver Movies, your number one source for movie news! I'm your host Tatiana Carrier. So today we got the rundown of Oscar nominees...lots of surprises, upsets, and predictable lets see who benefited most from these noms, and who seemed to get the short end of the stick...lets break it down by winners and losers...hate to be harsh, but...let's get started!

The Artist -- the little silent film that could racked up 10 nominees and is just now going wide to theaters. We should see a big jump on the number of screenings and a big jump in ticket sales. I think this film will be the frontrunner.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close -- the Tom Hanks/Sandra Bullock film hit theaters in limited run at the end of the year in order to make the Oscar cut and opened this past weekend to a 4th place finish with $10M. It's been on several Film Critics Awards, but no major award show noms. This was probably the biggest surprise of the day with it getting a Best Picture nod and a nom for Best Supporting Actor for Max Von Sydow. It most likely won't win, but the nominations will help make it a box office winner. We should see a jump this weekend.

The Iron Lady -- Meryl Streep's Oscar nominations should help the box office a bit on this one as it was released January 13th, but it probably won't help that much considering the only other nomination it got was Best Makeup. Had it gotten nominated for best picture, the case could be different.

Moneyball -- tied for the third most nominations (6) with War Horse. Most likely won't win any of them, but it should help give a push to home video sales/rentals.


Hugo -- despite having the most nominations, I don't think it will have much impact on the movie unless they decide to do a rerelease of the film.

The Help -- could help with video sales/rentals, but it's already a big hit so we wont see much movement here.


Bridesmaids -- it grabbed two nominations, but failed to land a Best Picture nod that many people were anticipating.

Drive -- only was able to get nominated for Sound Editing. No Albert Brook Best Supporting Actor nod as suspected and no Best Picture nod.

J. Edgar -- not a single nomination, including one for Leonardo DiCaprio, which we all thought was a sure thing. It couldn't even land a Best Makeup nomination. Yikes!

And I know my HP pans aren't happy...Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 didn't have much to brag about today -- many fans were hoping the final film would get a Best Picture, but it was only able to garner 3 technical awards -- Art Direction, Makeup & Visual Effects.

Ryan Gosling -- had stellar performances in 3 movies (Drive, Crazy Stupid Love and The Ides of March), but got nada. Was he his OWN biggest competition and ended up splitting his vote?

Warrior -- the film has many fans that were hoping it would get a best picture nod ala The Fighter. It only managed a Best Supporting Actor nom for Nick Nolte.

We Need To Talk About Kevin -- this small movie is opening this weekend and they were most likely holding out for a wide release in anticipation of an Oscar nod for at least Tilda Swinton for Best Actress. It got nothing.

Lastly, there were only 2 nominees for best music..."Man or Muppet" from "The Muppets" and "Real in Rio" from "Rio" ...what happened to Mary J Blige for the help or Madonnas W.E.!?!

So what was your biggest upset, shock, or surprise? Let us know by commenting below and while your at it, make sure you sub to our channel so that you stay in the movie know! thanks for hanging out, I will see you next time!

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