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Winners of the mini saga competition: UPDATED WITH A NEW WINNER!!!

Since 1988 the Telegraph newspaper has organized a ‘mini saga’ competition. A mini saga is a very short story and it was invented by the well known science-fiction writer Brain Aldiss. He was working on a very long novel at the time (three volumes) and he suddenly had the idea that it might be fun, as a complete contrast, to try to tell a whole story in just 50 words.

The name is really a joke. Originally, sagas were long stories of dramatic events over many generations told by Norse and Icelandic peoples. They were probably started to provide entertainment around the fire during the long winter nights in those countries. Today we gather round the television and watch soap operas that tell long stories of dramatic events over many generations.

The rules of the competition are simple. The text must be 50 words exactly and it must tell a story. The title is very important too so the rule is that any title can be up to fifteen words long. The limitation of fifty words means that the mini saga writer needs to think very imaginatively about just which words are really necessary to tell the story.

And here are the winners of the first mini saga competition at the EOI Coruña. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the students who participated.

TEACHER CONCHI - AVANZADO 1 - 18:00 - 20:00 P.M.

WINNER: THE LIE - By Raquel Graña Liste

Five years behaving impeccably and never got what he wanted. Time to be bad instead. He ran into the room where the Three Wise Men always left his presents, checked the glasses prepared for them were empty and grinned. Mum and dad looked pale and sick. He suddenly understood everything.

TEACHER IRMA - AVANZADO 1 - 18:00 - 20:00 P.M.

WINNER: UNTITLED - By Diego Álvarez Estévez

Walking through the desert a man found a lamp. A genius appeared: “For me, nothing is too big: a second for me is an eternity for you; a cent for me is a fortune for you”. “I’m not ambitious, give me only one cent”. “Wait a second” –said the genius.

2nd BEST: THE LAST PAIN - By David Martínez Rego

A doctor enters a room and tells his patient: “Today I’m going to discharge you. During the next months, you can’t smoke or drink at all, have love affairs with beautiful ladies or go on holiday”. “Until I get totally recovered?” “No sir, until you pay all you owe us.”


- I hate soup! he told his mother.

- But Matthew, if you don’t eat soup, you’ll never become a big boy! his mother replied.

One day, they were both waiting for the bus when Matthew saw a little dwarf.

- Mum, that man didn’t eat soup!, he said gladly.

TEACHER MARITA - AVANZADO 1 - 09:00 - 11:00 A.M.

WINNER: UNTITLED - By Anxela Pérez Illobre

Last year we visited the Botany Garden. When we arrived at the greenhouse it was incredibly dark outside. Suddenly we heard some strange noise in the darkness and we started to shout when an old man came to me and said: "Hey, guys, don't you know we close at five??"

2nd BEST: REVENGE IS SWEET - By Diana Murciano

Yesterday afternoon, when I brought home a sweet kitty that I found on the street, my little dog got extremely furious, so I had to punish him. But now the cat is sleeping quietly and there's a suspicious red spot on the floor... and I can't find my little dog.

TEACHER MARITA - AVANZADO 1 - 16:00 - 18:00 P.M.


Someone's knocking at the door.

- That's my boyfriend! Susan, can you open? I'm getting changed!'

- 'Ok, mum, but... I didn't know you had a boyfriend!'

- 'I met him in the chat you recommended. He's tall with brown hair and green eyes'

- 'Like my ex!'

Susan opened the door.

- 'Bob???'

- 'Susan???'

2nd BEST (ex aequo): REVENGE IS SWEET By David Calvo

Two years looking for the most delicious recipe. Five months waiting for the finest cocoa to arrive from Brazil. Three weeks designing the most spectacular shape. Four days inventing excuses to make him come home. But, after the first bite, just seconds to the poisoned chocolate death... revenge... sweet revenge...

2nd BEST (ex aequo): PARIS THE CITY OF LOVE - By Irene Rodríguez Barbeito

He looked right into her eyes and said: “Hi, it must be true that Paris is the city of love”. She could answer it was love at first sight, everything she'd always dreamt about. But suddenly, a girl called him. It was his wife. Unfortunately, they were on their honeymoon.

TEACHER NURIA - AVANZADO 1 - 10:00 - 12:00 A.M.


Our first meeting was a long time ago. Since then, we have been together in the best moments, trying to share the best of ourselves with our friends , selecting the most appropriate in every event. But now, unfortunately, because of my health, I must leave you. " Bye bye Red Wine ".


Unfortunately, the person with whom it's more difficult to argue is the ignorant, because instead of reasoning he turns around a fixed idea in his mind from which it's impossible to take him. I say: You're such a donkey you don't walk on four legs because you don't know how.

TEACHER NURIA - AVANZADO 1 - 12:00 - 14:00 P.M.


Odd was old and about to die. People have been teasing me my whole life because of my funny name. I don’t want them doing it after my death so I don’t want my name printed on my tombstone’. Odd died, people saw his blank tombstone and said: ‘That’s odd!’

2nd BEST: A LIE - By Willy Wonka

Please read this! This is absolutely true! My best friend told me that if you cook 24 cookies and give them to Pablo, you will win a secret prize. Otherwise you won’t have sex in 7 years and your email account will be cancelled. I will do it right away!

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