Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lily Allen - LDN


Mobile phone text language for London

THE FILTH a slang term for the police

FELLA a slang term for a man

DAPPER a slang term meaning stylish, well dressed

SLAPPER a slang term for a woman who has a lot of sexual partners

PIMP a man who controls prostitutes and lives on the money that they earn

CRACK WHORE a slang term for a woman who exchanges sexual favours for drugs

FROWN to make a serious, angry or worried expression by bringing your eyebrows closer together

STRUGGLING having difficulty with

TESCO the name of a supermarket

AL FRESCO outside


The video opens with Allen in a record store called "Tough Grade" which is a play on Rough Trade, a record store in London at Talbot & Portobello Road. She asks the store manager for an eclectic piece of music, satirising keywords that have been used to describe her album - "punky electronica.. kind of grime....kind of grime...but kind of maybe like more broken beats, but kinda dubby broken beats...but a little bit kind of soulful....but kind of drum'n'bassy, but kinda more broken drum'n'bass like more broken beats. but break beat kind of broken drum'n'bass. Kind of.... ". The song playing in the background is Lily Allen's "Friend of Mine".

She receives a phone call, from someone we assume is her boyfriend, and arranges to meet him. She walks out of the store and walks through the downtown of London. While she walks through the street, she leaves a glowing trail of light behind her, in technicolor-like hues, and the town's atmosphere looks pleasant, fun and happy - however, as Allen moves forward the "reality" kicks in, as the scenery behind the hue transforms in sharp contrast in what it had been before, portraying litter, homelessness (David Beckham features in the video as the homeless man that Lily hands the pink flyer to) and violent crime in London, and the technicolour is washed out .

The video ends with Allen receiving another phone call; her boyfriend has decided not to come. Angry and unhappy, she storms away, and the vivid colour disappears to reveal the duller, more depressing reality of her surroundings.

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