Sunday, February 1, 2009

Word of the week 2 - 8 February 2009 MOCK EXAM

A mock exam is a "fake" exam taken for training or practice, with the same standards and often under the same conditions as the real examination. It's supposed to prepare students for the real exam.

Amusing commercial by Instant Kiwi, a scratch card for lottery in New Zealand.

A group of university students sits in an exam room. Our hero has finished his exam with a minute to spare. He pulls out an instant kiwi ’scratch-it’ card and proceeds to check out his luck. The exam supervisor calls the end of the exam and instructs students to put down their pens and bring their papers to the front of the room. He thanks the students as they place their papers in a neat pile on the front desk.
In the meantime our chap is still using his pen to check out the last of his numbers. As he approaches the front with his exam paper he’s told that he’s too late. “Gave you plenty of warnings about time. You failed. Sorry.” The student replies, “Excuse me do you know who I am.?” The teacher says, “I have absolutely no idea”. “Good!” says the student as he quickly puts his exam in the middle of the other papers and walks out - eating the teacher’s apple. “Instant Kiwi: Give it a go!”

Mr Bean's exam

STUDENT: Done your revision?
MR BEAN: Oh, yes. I've concentrated on trigonometry.
STUDENT: I've done calculus mainly.
MR BEAN: I believe they concentrated on calculus last year.
STUDENT: Oh. Oh, dear.
INVIGILATOR: Quiet, ladies and gentlemen, please. The exam will commence in two minutes.
Ladies and gentlemen, you may open the envelopes containing your papers. The exam
INVIGILATOR: Two minutes, ladies and gentlemen. At the end, will those who answered the green calculus papers please put them in the green box, and those who answered the white trigonometry papers, please put them in the white box.
Stop writing, please. I said stop writing. Will you stop writing!

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