Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jamie Oliver cooking fish

Jamie Oliver is one of the most popular chefs on British Television. He’s famous for his recipes, his restaurants and his informal style. In this programme he drives down to the south west of England with friends from his restaurant. And while they’re having fun on the beach, he cooks a salmon with fresh herbs.

I’ve got this beautiful big salmon. Look at that. It’s a really fantastic way of cooking fish - fish in general really, but salmon’s ideal because it’s slightly oily. You wrap it up in paper and cook it on the Barbie and you get that slightly smoked flavour going through it, which is just like, ideal. So what I’m gonna do is put a bit of salt and pepper inside and outside the fish.

Right. And I got some fennel seeds, and they’re great with fish and make them taste fantastic. Um... good with chicken as well. You just sprinkle them over the whole thing. So once you done that… I got some nice herbs, and I tell you what, I got a serious amount of herbs. And… what’s …is you get a nice bit of everything everywhere. And you wanna stuff that right inside the salmon, it’s gonna steam straight through the inside of the fish. And I’m gonna put a layer of herbs on the bottom and I’m gonna plonk the fish on top of that.

I’m going to put the herbs along the top like this. So, basically, it’s not sitting on paper, it’s sitting on herbs. I’ve got some lemons here. Just slice up your lemons… flick them over the top. Get some, put them in the middle. Just copy what you’ve done with the herbs really. And then put some underneath it as well. And then, what you’ve got to do is wrap it up like, literally like, a Christmas present. So what I’ve got to do now is wet it to stop it burning too quick. So just get it really wet…

How you going mate? Lookin’ good.

Nice one Danny boy. ‘Ere listen. Take that!………. Nah, that didn’t get ‘m wet…. Haha…..

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