Friday, February 12, 2010

Another Oscar for Penélope?

Last year's Best Supporting Actress winner Penelope Cruz says she's happy to be nominated for another Academy Award for her role in the film Nine, but doubts she'll win second time round.

Ellen Degeneres jokes that she thinks Penélope should have thanked her for predicting her Oscar in Vicky Cristina Barcelona last year.
Penélope talks about her appearance in a cameo in Sex in the City, where she plays a banker (she pronounces it "bunker") and then goes on to tell Ellen how she discovered she wanted to be an actress when she was a child in her mother's beauty salon, which was her first acting school.
She became very famous when she did the film Jamón, jamón, and soon she discovered contradictions of being famous, when people screamed "I love you" at her and 10 seconds later "Whore!".
She also talks about her role in Broken embraces by Almodóvar and finally she plays a game with Ellen: Guess the lips.

Penélope talks with Oprah about how she prepared her role of a sultry mistress in the film Nine and how scared she was to sing professionally.
She remembers how she started her career: Her acting curiosity began in her mother's beauty salon but it was after seeing Almodóvar's film Tie me up, tie me down at the cinema that she decided to find an agent and become an actress.
Finally she talks about her Oscar for Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

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