Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Greenwashing is a marketing technique in which a company falsely claims environmental responsibility. As more and more consumers are concerned about sustainability and the environment, a growing number of corporations have stepped up, claiming to be improving their environmental practices and reforming their industries. While this may certainly be true in some cases, many of the claims of environmental stewardship made by companies are actually false, or at the very least extremely misleading.

The term is a portmanteau of “whitewashing,” in the sense of covering up misdeeds, and “green,” a common term used to refer to environmentally sound practices. The green movement encompasses food sources, building, energy, and everything in between, and it also represents a substantial source of potential income. A growing number of citizens, especially in the First World, are willing to pay a premium for “green” products. In addition to environmentally sensitive companies who are genuinely trying to practice business ethically, a number of corporations launch extensive greenwashing campaigns detailing all the ways in which they are environmentally responsible. For unwary consumers, the glossy greenwashing ads can suggest that the company is reputable and responsible.

The environment is dying, we need a solution fast.
If we don't find a big old plan, this simply will not last.
We don't wanna freak anybody out,
We don't wanna make a scene.
We'd rather sweep it under the mat,
But instead, we'll paint it green.
Green, green, green, we'll paint it green.

It doesn't really matter what it is,
What it does or why it stinks
Or what it means as long as it is green.

It doesn't really matter what it burns,
Or what it makes or what it kills
Or what it's for, as long as it is green.
Green, green, green, green, let's make it green.

Politicians feed us crap, celebrities are the same.
It's mostly about how green they are and who deserves the blame.

How green you are is not how much you give,
Or how loud you are, it's how you live.
So know your greens and think a bit.
Because you don't have to be green to be green

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