Saturday, November 1, 2008

The sky is falling! Or how a forecaster felt under the weather on live TV

Weathermaps can be as unpredictable and dangerous as the British seasons.

Sky News man Francis Wilson made the discovery while he was presenting the 8.30pm weather update on Thursday night and a piece of the set fell on his head.

Mr Wilson was walking along beside the sizeable weathermap and stopped to highlight a section of it.

Francis Wilson feels under the weather as the panel slips

He told viewers that Britain and Ireland could ‘expect sunshine’ before a panel from the giant weather map fell off. It hit him on the head before crashing to the floor.

An unphased Mr Wilson said: 'Oh that was interesting. That was part of East Anglia and the South East.'

He then picked up the offending panel and moved it to the edge of the set, before completing the bulletin.

That's a true professional.

(Source: The Mail Online - 1st November 2008)

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