Friday, May 27, 2011

Catherine Tate - Complaining about international food

Janice and Ray are a couple from Beverley, East Yorkshire who express their disgust at the various signs of multi-culturalism in their very British circle. Sources of outrage include restaurant meals, due to their perception of over-pricing or the exotic nature of the food such as grapes in a brie cheese sandwich. They perceive global foods as adulterated British fare and view such culinary transgressions as personal assaults - finally responding with their catchphrase "The dirty bastards!"

Northern moaners Janice and Ray complaining about gazpacho with croutons ("It's cold tomato soup with tiny bits of stale bread") served at a wedding reception in Pudsey.

The northern moaners compaining about being served sushi. "This is in Nagasaki! The dirty, evil, raw fish guzzling bastards!"

And French sandwiches with no bread.

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